Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations 2018

The Rules & Regulations help to clarify, interpret, and assist the HOA with administering the CC&Rs.  Homeowners should review the Rules & Regulations to understand some of the limitations.

Architectural Guidelines

VerCello Yard Care & Maintenance Standard

Shed Guidelines

VerCello ACC Shed Guidelines

Homeowners that would like to construct a shed in their backyard should review the City of Renton Guidelines before submitting a request to the Architectural Committee for approval.

VerCello Neighborhood Map

VerCello Neighborhood Map

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s)

VerCello CC&R’s

VerCello homeowners and prospective buyers should review the CC&R’s to understand the limits and rules with owning a home within our neighborhood. The CC&R’s were recorded with King County and City of Renton, Washington 5/4/2007 in the initial phase of the VerCello (a.k.a Wedgewood Lane) planned community. The CC&R’s govern what an owner may, may not, or must do with respect to their real estate.

The CC&R’s include some of the following topics:

  • Plat Information – Phases 1, 2, 3
  • Development Period
  • Homeowners’ Association
  • Management of Common Areas
  • Property Rights in Common Areas
  • Covenant for Assessments
  • Architectural Control, Building, and Construction Restrictions
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Property Use Restrictions
  • Easements
  • General Protective Covenants
  • Insurance
  • Enforcement
  • Limitation of Liability


Bylaws (Amended 2006-03-20)

The Bylaws for the VerCello Homeowners’ Association contains information about the structure of the associations non-profit corporation. The Bylaws include some of the following topics:

  • How often to hold homeowners’ meetings
  • How the Board of Directors is structured
  • How many homeowners make up the board
  • Powers and Duties for each Board member
  • How many members are required to meet Quorum
  • Written Notice of Meetings
  • How to Ratify the Budget
  • How to set up a Special Meeting of the members